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Top 10 Best School ERP Software in India

Top 10 Best School ERP Software in India - Solution Nexxt

Top 10 Best School ERP Software in India

As a school’s size grows, School ERP software becomes essential. A school management system, also known as a School ERP, is software that can manage and streamline administrative tasks through the use of automation. The school no longer requires pen and paper to carry out its many administrative tasks. While you’re searching for school administration software, here’s a list of the top ten school ERP software in India.

What is School Management Software?

The Best ERP software for a school is an all-in-one solution for school administration, which includes principals, teachers, and school management. It is also useful for keeping parents and students informed of important updates and information.

Teachers can focus on improving students’ learning outcomes, parents can monitor their children’s performance, and school principals can easily manage all important tasks within the school grounds by using school ERP modules.

List of Top 10 Best ERP School Management Software in India

You’ve come to the right place if you’re a school looking for the best school ERP software, including school accounting in Tally. We have compiled a list of the top 11 ERP tools for school management systems. To begin, here are some examples:

1.Solution Nexxt ERP



4.Vidya ERP

5.WINER School Software


7.ENTAB Campus Care




Solution Nexxt ERP

Solution Nexxt school management ERP system is user-friendly software that allows for the creation of workflows for the easy management of school administrative tasks. The software is simple to integrate with your organization’s existing finance and learning management systems.

Features of Solution Nexxt School ERP Software
1.Several hosting options
2.Improved reminders
3.Enquiry and alumni management
4.Communication modules
6.Employee portal


As a cloud computing School ERP solution, there is no need to install any software with this digital collaborative solution. The client can easily access the necessary data from any location, at any time. Another notable feature of this software is that it can be easily operated by someone with basic computer knowledge. It is simple to use and designed to meet the requirements. EDRP also created separate role-based mobile applications for teachers and students. It keeps parents informed with real-time notifications.

Features of Solution Nexxt School ERP Software
1. Fee segregation
2. Fine management
3. Advance attendance controls
4. Exam smoothness
5. Faculty management


Vedanta is a free ERP system for school administration. It is being used in schools across India to reduce the time and cost associated with administrative tasks. Vedanta also offers the option of securely backing up your data to its SSL-enabled secure servers.

Vedanta School ERP Software Demo Features:
1.Simple installation
2.User-based access
3.User friendliness
4.Improved parental controls
5.Mobile application


This School ERP Software was created using.NET technology to streamline registration and admission processes across multiple schools. The software can also be used to manage a student’s records after they have completed one academic session. The older versions of the records are archived.

Vidya ERP School ERP Software Features
1. Advance attendance controls
2. Exam smoothness
3. Faculty management
4. Fee segregation
5. Fine management

WINER School Software

WINER education ERP software automates a variety of school administration tasks such as report generation, attendance, fees, and much more.
It also provides parents and students with a 360-degree view of all relevant information. It also aids in the security of school data through role-based user access.

WINER School ERP System Features
1.Intelligent evaluator
2.Individual student support
3.Intuitive reports
4.Effective communication between parents and students
5.Fee management


Do you want to find free school management software? Then Kino is the best School Management Software that offers free school ERP services. It focuses on bringing the school onto a digital platform in order to ensure that learning does not fall behind. It offers free access to many dependable management modules such as administrative management, class management, library management, and so on, as well as a parent/student portal.

Kino School ERP System Features
1. User friendliness
2. Improved parental controls
3. Mobile application
4. Simple installation
5. User-based access

ENTAB Campus Care

ENTAB School ERP Software is a cloud-based solution for schools that uses artificial intelligence to automate administrative tasks and improve communication between parents and teachers.
The software also includes an online registration module for enrolling a new student, as well as their necessary information such as their birth certificate and Aadhar card.

Features of ORATARO ERP School Management Software
1.Highly adaptable
2.Student information system
3.Fee management
4.Result analysis
5.Staff information updating


ORATARO School Management ERP Software is a cutting-edge solution for streamlining various administrative tasks in the school. It has a ‘Notes’ feature that students, parents, and teachers can use to keep each other up to date on any information.

As a result, teachers can use the software’s Happygram feature to reward deserving students.

Features of ORATARO ERP School Management Software
1.Circular creation
2.Time table
3.Better profile management
4.Alerts for upcoming holidays


It is a collaborative platform for schools and educators. It is without a doubt a smart and simple School Management Software that is a fully integrated suite of educational management tools. It eliminates the need for a pen and paper in the crucial administrative tasks of the store student information system. It enables teachers to upload course material to the platform for students to access whenever needed. It reduces manpower and allows for faster insight.

Features of Eduwonka ERP School Management Software
1.Result analysis
2.Updating of staff information
3.Highly flexible
4.Student information system
5.Fee management


UC-School ERP School Management Software is popular ERP Software because its online admission modules streamline the process of online admissions. The software can also manage various tasks related to fees, attendance, and examination.

Features of UC-School ERP School Management Software
1.Effective student information management
2.Communication module
3.Fee category management
4.Learning management systems
5.UC-School pricing, useful for School Accounting in Tally


So that comes to the conclusion our comprehensive list of ERP tools for school management systems. The best ERP software for schools simplifies and streamlines the administration of various administrative tasks such as fees, attendance, lesson plans, exams, and so on. This type of school management software also encourages improved communication among students, parents, and teachers.

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